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Design Key Partnership program

This affiliate program is ideal for designers, consultants, and marketers. If your clients need a software development partner, you can connect them with us and receive payments from every successful referral.

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Joining a Design Key partnership program is simple:


Pick a program and fill out a form

Complete a form to help us understand your needs and requirements as a potential partner.


Schedule a call

We'll arrange a call to talk about our partnership. Then we will be able to share with you marketing materials to present our skills to your client.


Receive a proposal

You'll receive a customized cooperation offer that includes all the previously negotiated and agreed-upon terms and conditions.


Enjoy a one-time payment or recurring commission

Once we sign a contract with your client and receive the first payment, we compensate your efforts according to our agreement.

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We offer two different programs tailored to fit your earning preferences:

Recurring Affiliate Program


from every payment

Earn periodic, ongoing commissions as long as your referral stays with us. Ideal for those seeking to build a long-term, passive income.

One-Time Payment Program


per project

Earn a substantial one-time payment for every successful referral. Ideal for those seeking an upfront, lump-sum reward.

SaaS platform for AI-integrated marketplace

Full-stack development, UI/UX design, AI integration

Health Tracking Platform

System design, Web & Software development, UI/UX design

E-learning Platform

Web & Mobile Development, UX/UI Design

Renovation Booking System

Web Development, Dashboard design

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Reasons to become a Design Key's affiliate

Our mission is to provide efficient and stable software that meets customers' needs and helps our clients reach their business goals. We are design-approach enthusiasts who believe that user-centric, visually appealing design should always be backed by robust functionality.

Exceptional Earnings

Competitive commission rates and two formats of program to choose the best option for you.

Broad Service Range

Our services include UI/UX design, backend and frontend development, integrations, and platform architecture.

Reliable Tracking

Transparent process and reporting of your earnings.

Marketing Materials

Use our promotional materials to showcase our expertise to your clients.

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Become our partner

We value long-term and reliable partnerships. When we invite you to connect your clients with us, be assured that we are fully committed to delivering top-notch service to them.

Have more question regarding the Partnership? Reach out to us via 📃Form or 📧Email

  • Once you fill out the form above, we reach out to you with a response and provide a link to schedule an interview.

  • There are no specific restrictions on who you can refer. However, please ensure that your referrals comply with our terms and conditions and are genuinely interested in our services.

  • Once we agree to work with your client and sign a contract, we will pay you a commission based on our agreement. The payment will be sent after the client's transactions with us.
    Depending on your program, you'll get regular commissions for as long as your referral is with us, or a one-time payment.

  • As a partner, you will earn a percentage of the contract value for each client you refer to us. Once we agree to work with your client and sign a contract, we will pay you a commission based on our agreement. The payment will be sent after the client's transactions with us.

  • If you have another partnership idea, we'd love to hear it. Please share the details of your proposal using the form on this page. Include objectives, benefits, and any specific terms or conditions you want to include. We'll review it carefully and get back to you with our feedback and decision as soon as we can.

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