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Financial management software

System design, Software development, Data management, Support, SaaS


RiVan is a platform that simplifies financial planning for businesses. It allows companies to work with financial statements, and create forecasting models for P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow using custom assumptions or manual data upload. The client engaged our studio for discovery, tech consulting, end-to-end development, and continuous support for this project.

Industry: Finances, B2B
Services: System design, Software development, Data management, Technical support, SaaS development
Development team size: 9 people
Client since: 2022

Project Goals

• Conduct thorough discovery, create comprehensive project documentation, and validate the idea's technical feasibility.
• Launch MVP version for onboarding initial users with scalable features for future releases.
• Support and enhance the SaaS platform with added functionalities.



We started with in-depth workshops to understand customer requirements and prioritize key functionalities for the initial release. We explored the financial planning needs of companies, as well as industry requirements, and proposed suitable technologies.

Design Decisions

Our teams closely collaborated with RiVan stakeholders during the wireframing and design phases. We've created a contemporary, user-friendly interface that conveys reliability and meets RiVan's high standards. The system was designed for optimal user experience, preventing errors, oversights, and simplifying flows.

MVP Launch and Support

Our frontend and backend teams worked together to promptly deliver the initial version of the RiVan application for financial business planning. RiVan successfully launched an MVP, onboarded clients, and continues to enhance the platform.


Together with RiVan, we've created a solution for enterprises to streamline financial planning. RiVan provides features such as forecasting for P&L and Balance Sheet, a calculation based on historical data, custom financial statements reports, and more.

The RiVan project demonstrates how discovery and careful design lead to the rapid development of an MVP that meets business objectives.

Through continuous improvement, RiVan has evolved into a robust and essential tool for financial planning.

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