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AI Integration Development for Web and Mobile Applications

Solve your business tasks and enhance customer experiences with the potential of Artificial Intelligence. Our AI integration development services bring smart, efficient, and modern solutions to web and mobile applications.


The power of automation and intelligent technologies

  • Gain competitive advantage with an AI-powered product or service;

  • Automate processes and reduce manual tasks in your business;

  • Boost user engagement and retention rates with the integration of intelligent chatbots, virtual assistants, and personalized recommendations;

  • Streamline decision-making with data-driven insights and predictive analytics.

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Our AI Integration Development services


AI-powered Applications

We can design and develop software and applications that use AI technology. This will enable your product or service to perform complex tasks and provide personalized experiences for users.


Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

We can integrate AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants that will handle customer inquiries, provide recommendations, and assist with tasks such as booking appointments or placing orders.


Custom AI-powered Features

We can assist you in integrating custom AI-powered features into your software, ranging from content creation and automated summaries to data-driven insights.


Personalized Recommendations

We can incorporate AI systems that will analyze the app's user data and offer personalized product suggestions and curated content, enhancing the overall user experience.


Internal AI Tools for Business

In addition to customer-facing AI solutions, we also offer internal tools for businesses that can automate daily tasks, increase efficiency, and provide valuable insights for your teams.

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Not sure about the solution needed?

Contact us and we'll discuss how we can bring your vision
and requirements to life.

AI consulting and strategy

Our team will work closely with you to understand your business needs, goals, and challenges. We will then design a customized AI strategy that aligns with your objectives and budget.

Identify use cases for AI integration in your web and mobile applications;

Create a roadmap for the implementation and integration of AI solutions.


How do we work

AI integration and implementation

We have expertise in integrating AI technologies into existing web and mobile applications, as well as developing new applications with built-in AI capabilities.

Identify use cases for AI integration in your web and mobile applications;

Create a roadmap for the implementation and integration of AI solutions.

Maintenance and support

We offer ongoing maintenance and support to keep your applications updated and running smoothly. Our team will monitor performance metrics to make updates and optimize results.

Provide technical support and troubleshooting;

Keep your applications up-to-date with the latest AI advancements.


Why choose Design Key?

Collaborative Approach

We work closely with your team to understand your unique requirements and develop customized AI solutions that align with your business.

Customization and Scalability

Our AI integrations are tailored to your business and designed to scale as your business grows and evolves.

Proof of Concept & Pilot Projects

Before full deployment, we conduct proof of concept and pilot projects to validate the solution's effectiveness and ensure it aligns with your goals.

Data Privacy & Security

We prioritize the utmost protection of your business and customer data, with a strong emphasis on data privacy and security throughout the integration process.

Integration with Existing Systems

Regardless of the systems you currently use, we can seamlessly integrate our AI solutions with your existing infrastructure.

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Ready to take your business to the next level with AI?

Book a consultation today and let us show you the possibilities.

  • AI is a game-changer, comparable to the Internet's advent. It's reshaping businesses in all industries. To stay competitive, explore AI's potential for your business or products. AI boosts productivity, streamlines tasks, and enhances customer experiences.

    To leverage AI for business growth, start by auditing your current situation and needs. Our goal is to help you prioritize impactful activities instead of following the crowd. We offer assistance in conducting audits and developing a strategy tailored to your business. Schedule a call on this page to tell us more your project and find the right services for you.

  • The cost of AI integration depends on the solution itself, so it's difficult to provide a specific answer without understanding your business needs. However, our AI solutions are designed to be cost-effective and scalable, providing long-term value for your business. We offer flexible options and work with you to find the best solution within your budget.

  • Yes, our team will provide ongoing technical support and troubleshooting to continuously improve and optimize your AI integration results.

  • There are numerous use cases for AI integrations across various domains. Some common examples include:

    • E-commerce and retail: AI-powered product recommendations, chatbots for customer support, and personalized marketing campaigns.

    • Finance: Fraud detection and prevention, personalized financial advice based on user data, and automated investment management.

    • Healthcare: Predictive analytics to identify potential health risks, image recognition for medical imaging analysis, and virtual assistants for patient care.

    • Manufacturing: Predictive maintenance to reduce downtime, quality control using computer vision, and automation of routine tasks.

    • Transportation: Autonomous vehicles and traffic management systems, route optimization using AI algorithms, and predictive maintenance for vehicle fleets.

    • Human Resources: AI-powered recruitment and candidate screening, employee performance analysis and feedback, chatbots for HR support.

    • Education: Adaptive learning systems to personalize education, plagiarism detection in assignments, and virtual tutors or assistants.

  • AI can be beneficial to businesses of all sizes. We offer scalable AI solutions that can be tailored to accommodate the needs of small businesses and large enterprises.

  • AI implementation does carry some risks, including data security and privacy concerns. However, we employ robust measures to safeguard your data and comply with all relevant privacy regulations.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a 30-minute intro call with Daniel Killyevo, Founder and Technical Lead in Design Key. During this call, we can figure out how to assist you and what expertise is required for your project. We can also address any questions you may have and provide more information about our service.


Success of our clients

Explore our recent web development projects.

Industry: Financial Operations in Healthcare

Full-cycle development of a comprehensive accounting system that includes both a website and a mobile application. This system is designed to efficiently manage the operations of enterprises engaged in tunnel drilling and other heavy construction activities.

Industry: Professional Services

This software suite includes web and mobile applications that connect service providers with potential clients. Key features include creating profiles, searching for services, managing appointments, and in-app payments.


Industry: Finances

Financial software that simplifies financing for dental procedures by streamlining the credit application process, giving access to funding sources, and generating pre-qualified decisions for finance applications.

Development in progress

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Additional services

In addition to Backend and Cloud Development, Design Key also offers a range of other services to enhance your online presence and improve customer experience. These include:

Custom Software Development

We cover the full SDLC process from ideation to implementation and maintenance, developing on-premise or in-cloud software tailored to your vision and market requirements.

Mobile App Development

We specialize in creating user-friendly and visually appealing mobile apps that cater to your business goals and perform efficiently on any kind of platform.

UX and UI Design

We can create a seamless and enjoyable user experience for your customers. Our UX design services aim to improve customer engagement, retention, and conversions on your website or app.

Website Development

Our team can create a custom website for your business and brand identity. We also provide No-code/Low-code solutions allowing you to easily update and maintain your website without the need for technical expertise.


See what clients say about our work

Whether you need to refine your mobile app strategy, streamline your development process, or find a reliable partner for your future project, our team is here to assist you.

Ryan Wynch

Program Lead

Design Key did an excellent job by turning a concept into a working MVP that I could provide to my users. They know how to make the development process look easy, highlight underground stones, and suggest features and enhancements. Though I had a complex product, it was delivered on time and to spec. Highly recommended.

Lori Barao

Manager of Operations at MMI Direct

Design Key has worked on several development projects for me over the past two years. They are excellent experts with exceptional client service and communication skills. They are able to dig through complex project requirements and produce an end product that exceeds expectations.

Henry Biggs


Design Key is spectacular, and they do consistently exceptional work. There hasn't been anything they've told me they can't do… And I've asked for a lot over the years! I could not recommend them more highly.

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