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Low-code Development Services

Agility is crucial. With our low-code app development services, we empower businesses to rapidly enter the market with customized apps and gain a competitive edge. Our low-code solutions assist small businesses, startups, and enterprises in launching ready to scale web and mobile applications.


When You Need Low-Code Development?

No matter the size of your company, we provide top-notch solutions for your business. Let us assist you in unleashing the full potential of technology for your business goals.


Speed & Agility

Our low-code services help when you need rapid product release. This enables you to significantly improve your time-to-market and stay ahead of the competition.


Reduced Costs

Low-code development uses pre-built templates, significantly reducing the time and cost spent on development. This allows businesses launch even with a tough budget.



Low-code solutions are versatile and can be used for web, mobile, and desktop. With our expertise, we can help bring your vision to life regardless of the platform.


Easiness to Use

Low-code platforms are intuitive to use. With our pre-built templates and components, even non-technical founders and their teams can easily learn and work with these tools.



Our low-code solutions are designed to be scalable, allowing to add new features and functionalities. This ensures that your app remains relevant and effective with time.



Our Low-Code Development Services


Rapid Prototyping

With low-code development, businesses can quickly create a prototype of their app idea and test it out with potential users before investing significant time and resources into full-scale development.


Low-Code App Development

Our low-code services can be used for building applications, both web and mobile with simple or moderate complexities, for example, work management tools and customer portals.


Legacy Modernization

We can modernize and organize legacy systems, making them more efficient and user-friendly without disrupting your operations. We can build enterprise-grade applications like CRM systems or supply chain management tools.


Process/Workflow Automation

We can help with automated workflows and processes using low-code tools. These solutions can save time and resources for businesses while improving productivity.

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Save time, get results!

Hire a professional development team at Design Key.




Online lending platforms, Online payment systems, Personal financial management apps, Trading platforms.



Patient portals, Electronic health records systems, Virtual care platforms.


Retail & E-commerce

E-commerce platforms, Inventory management tools, Customer engagement apps.



Learning management systems, Student information systems, Online learning platforms.



CRM applications, Appointment and calendar management, File managers.


Industries that can benefit from low-code development


Why choose Design Key for low-code development?

Strategic Market Entry

If you have a startup, we can assist you in refining your idea with the discovery phase and developing a minimum viable product (MVP). Validate your ideas without bigger investments.

Tailored Solutions, Personal Approach

We study your business, target audience, and industry to create a customized development strategy and build a solution that aligns with your business goals.

Seamless User Experience

We work in team: UI/UX designers work closely with the development and QA teams to create user-centric and intuitive apps that drive business results.

Streamlined Development

We value your time and work in sprints to make our work productive and easy to track. Our agile processes ensure that the solution is delivered on schedule without compromising on quality.

Efficient Communication

Dedicated managers keep our clients consistently informed about the project status and provide a clear view of every tech decision and its results.

Office Meeting

Hire a software development team you can trust!

Dental Financing Platform

Web design, App design, Development

E-Learning Platform

Web design, App design, Development

Wellness Dental

Comming soon

Vacancy Screening, MVP

Comming soon


Success of our clients

Explore our recent web development projects.


end-to-end projects delivered

Industry: Construction Services

Full-cycle development of a comprehensive accounting system that includes both a website and a mobile application. This system is designed to efficiently manage the operations of enterprises engaged in tunnel drilling and other heavy construction activities.

Industry: Online Education

E-learning platform with functionality that allows teachers to teach students languages more effectively. The platform provides interactive books and games to study the languages.

Industry: Professional Services

This software suite includes web and mobile applications that connect service providers with potential clients. Key features include creating profiles, searching for services, managing appointments, and in-app payments.


Industry: Financial Operations in Healthcare

Financial software that simplifies financing for dental procedures by streamlining the credit application process, giving access to funding sources, and generating pre-qualified decisions for finance applications.


See what clients say about our work

Whether you need to refine your mobile app strategy, streamline your development process, or find a reliable partner for your future project, our team is here to assist you.

Ryan Wynch

Program Lead

Design Key did an excellent job by turning a concept into a working MVP that I could provide to my users. They know how to make the development process look easy, highlight underground stones, and suggest features and enhancements. Though I had a complex product, it was delivered on time and to spec. Highly recommended.

Lori Barao

Manager of Operations at MMI Direct

Design Key has worked on several development projects for me over the past two years. They are excellent experts with exceptional client service and communication skills. They are able to dig through complex project requirements and produce an end product that exceeds expectations.

Henry Biggs


Design Key is spectacular, and they do consistently exceptional work. There hasn't been anything they've told me they can't do… And I've asked for a lot over the years! I could not recommend them more highly.

  • Security is a critical aspect, so we choose tools that adhere to best security practices and standards in the industry to safeguard your applications.

  • Absolutely! We can provide high degrees of customization, ensuring that your app is uniquely tailored to your needs.

  • We will provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire process, including post-launch maintenance. If we agree on a long-term collaboration, we can also offer a development strategy for your app and bring it to life.

  • Yes, we can integrate your app within any existing systems, minimizing disruption and ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Yes, you can deploy your app on different platforms and devices.


Ready to get started?

Schedule a 30-minute intro call with Daniel Killyevo, Founder and Technical Lead in Design Key. During this call, we can figure out how to assist you and what expertise is required for your project. We can also address any questions you may have and provide more information about our service.

We cover the full SDLC process from ideation to implementation and maintenance, developing on-premise or in-cloud software tailored to your vision and market requirements.

Custom Software Development

We specialize in creating user-friendly and visually appealing mobile apps that cater to your business goals and perform efficiently on any kind of platform.

Mobile App Development

We can create a seamless and enjoyable user experience for your customers. Our UX design services aim to improve customer engagement, retention, and conversions on your website or app.

UX and UI Design

Our team can create a custom website for your business and brand identity. We also provide No-code/Low-code solutions allowing you to easily update and maintain your website without the need for technical expertise.

Website Development


Additional services

In addition to No-code app development, Design Key also offers a range of other services to enhance your online presence and improve customer experience. These include:

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