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Booking for Beauty Industry

Web & Mobile Development, UX/UI Design


Booking platform which consists of a mobile application and website designed to simplify the process of scheduling appointments with top professionals in Switzerland's health, wellness, and beauty industry. Users can access trustworthy reviews and book appointments instantly.


- Developing an efficient booking tool;
- Create a system of mobile and web applications;
- Build a modern and user-friendly platform with light and minimalistic visual design.

Mission Complete:

- Modern website tailored for the needs of the core target audience;

- Fully functional booking system;

- Improved UX;

- User-friendly interface for intuitive booking through the app;

- Fully integrated mobile version of the platform.

We didn't stop at redesigning a few pages; we completely revamped the mobile and web applications. We made changes to internal pages, which not only improved the visual aspect of the booking platform but also optimized the platform's overall performance. It included improving the booking process, simplifying navigation, and enhancing search functionalities.

We built a fully integrated mobile app that allows users to access all platform features on the go, making it convenient and efficient for both clients and salons.  We also focused on creating a modern and light mobile design to enhance the user experience.

We have helped create an appealing and user-friendly platform that attracts new users and keeps existing ones engaged. We strongly believe that in today's fast-paced world, where convenience is key, a visually attractive and intuitive interface is vital for the success of any online platform.

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