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Data Management Platform

System design, Web & Mobile development, Data Management, Technical Support


RockDoc helps construction companies keep track of tunneling, concrete, and earthworks projects. It works with real-time data to eliminate communication barriers and generate actionable documentation.

Industry: Construction sector, B2B
Development team size: 9 people
Client since: 2021


• Launch the platform and enter the market within 3 months.
• Make a transition from the demo version to a production-ready stable system.
• Design a robust system that could withstand any data threats and provide stable work for all users.

The design of the system required an interconnected website and mobile application, available on both Android and iOS. The administration of construction companies would use the web application for management tasks, while the mobile app would be used by workers for reporting on-site.


Platform Design

Our team designed the system architecture with a custom UI and deployed web and mobile apps within the committed timelines and budget. We planned the platform in a way to make it not only deliverable but also performant and scalable for the future.

Launching on time

For the first release, we chose solutions that allowed us to launch on schedule and present the core features. This approach enabled the client to quickly enter the market, onboard their first customers, and validate the idea.

Scaling the system

Then we focused on building the production-ready system. Our team rapidly switched apps from Airtable to a PostgreSQL database which improved overall performance and stability. We also set up the backup system to have confidence that data can always be restored.

As the customer base grew, we enhanced the features. Currently, the most crucial application features include:

  • a flexible system of dashboards and charts that display reports for different purposes;

  • the Data Explorer Page that allows searching, filtering, and sorting by various metrics and obtaining reports on every configuration;

  • offline mode, due to which workers can upload photos and create reports in places without a stable connection;

  • seven types of PDF documents that can be customized and generated within the web application.


The mobile application was downloaded more than 200 times by B2B construction companies. RockDoc's applications are used by big enterprises worldwide. The system has 21 entities (e.g. machines, locations, work types) and 7 user roles, which makes this product adaptable to different company structures. Customers have a variety of options, with access based on their role. Some possibilities include managing entities, assigning users to projects, leaving comments, uploading photos, and generating reports and documents.

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