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Dental Financing Platform

Web & Mobile Development, UX/UI Design


DentalFinance is a technology company in healthcare that helps patients find the best deal. The platform simplifies financing for dental procedures by streamlining the credit application process, offering access to funding sources, and generating pre-qualified decisions for finance applications.


- Design a modern and effective promotional website;
- Develop and launch adaptive, fast, and secure web and mobile applications;
- Design interface, create animations, and enhance overall user experience.

Mission Complete:

- A compelling landing page that effectively communicates business processes and showcases a unique selling proposition;

- Updates for mobile and web applications;

- Improved user experience (UX) for enhancing business metrics;

- Engaging user interface (UI) with captivating custom animations.

The project started with the design phase, where effective communication was crucial. We iterated through multiple design versions before settling on the most suitable one. Custom animations were crafted to convey the project's benefits, starting from textual descriptions and examples to refined, polished animations. Throughout development, we actively engaged with the client to select the optimal technology stack, ensuring swift and secure applications within the agreed timeline.

Following the design phase, we focused on creating a flawless user experience (UX). We worked on enhancing mobile and web apps to ensure intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and visually appealing designs.

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