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E-learning Platform

Web & Mobile Development, UX/UI Design


The basic idea is to bring children together around the world for communication. This is a unique and engaging idea; we were thrilled to get to work together with this company. So, we have worked together as a team to create a platform that is child- and teacher-friendly and will help them reach high levels of communication and learning.


- Creating an interactive platform for teachers and students;
- Turning a multifunctional website into an easy-to-use interface;
- Appealing visual design for the target audience.

Mission Complete:

- E-learning, interactive platform for children-teacher interaction;

- Easy to use, an interactive educational platform for children all over the world;

- Customizable work pages and features;

- Clear and bright visual design;

- UX/UI development stages and public page implementation.

For this project, our task was to design a public page and an app where teachers and students can work together using a special tool called flipbooks. This was a new and challenging task, but we have successfully completed it. The work done includes the UX / UI stages with implementation public page on the Editor X platform.

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