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Health Tracking Platform

System design, Web & Software development, UI/UX design


A platform was designed and developed to support a unique program designed by pediatrician Dr. Joyce to address childhood obesity. The software enables pediatricians to create personalized plans for patients and provides parents and their children with tools to track and monitor the weight loss journey.

Industry: Healthcare

Services: Discovery, UI/UX Design, Software development, Web Development

Development team size: 4 people

Client since: 2021

Project Goals

• Conduct a comprehensive discovery to gather information and lay the foundation for the application's design and development.

• Develop sets of features for different user roles: doctors, parents, and children.

• Build a robust platform where parents and doctors can interact and monitor children's weight loss progress.

• Create functionality for configuring nutrition assessments and generating personalized nutrition plans.

• Create and deploy a website to represent the program to potential users.



We conducted a set of discovery sessions that helped us clarify the client's vision, collect the requirements, and understand the current industry specifics. As a result, we designed wireframes and validated the platform concept based on key requirements and goals of pediatricians and parents.

Features Development

The platform offers three sets of features for pediatricians, parents, and children, including:

  1. A simple onboarding process for each user role.

  2. Child-friendly features for nutrition assessments, personalized plans, and tracking achievements.

  3. A notification system to prompt patients to upload progress and achieve goals.

  4. Parental control to select consulting doctors and invite specialists.

  5. A doctor's dashboard that allows managing patient profiles, tracking progress, and monitoring nutrition assessments.

  6. A parent's dashboard for recording a child's measurements and accessing parental-control features.

  7. A page with media resources and helpful videos.

  8. Visual representation of children's weight and nutrition progress.


Our team has launched a user-friendly platform that embodies Dr. Joyce's vision. It features clear navigation, essential for increasing user engagement and bettering patient outcomes. Collaborating with Dr. Joyce, we are continuing to develop a robust online product that will enhance the healthcare industry. Currently, our team is working on subscription options with a secure payment process and introducing a store to the platform.

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