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Bilingual Platform for Ticket Booking

  • Client: TecTix

  • Location: Germany

  • Industry: Event industry & Digital ticketing 

  • Challenge: Website Redesign & Photo, Animation Optimization




ux/ui design


  • Animation & Photo optimization

  • Creating an interactive platform for event organizers & clients

  • Turning a multifunctional website into the easy-to-use interface

  • Support pages for German & English languages

  • Appealing visual design for the target audience

  • Mobile version integration

We have developed animations for the landing page and one loader animation for the whole website. All animations are different by type. Our main goal was to make them look modern and in style of the website. Additionally, animation file size was a big concern. Several animations were smoother and lighter in one app and others needed to be developed in another app. So, we had to use several different software tools in order to develop animations. After a few rounds of feedback and improvements, where clients adjusted the animation speed and key frames, the animations were finished.

Mission Complete:

  • Analysis & Booking form improvement

  • Animation development

  • Website restructure & optimization

  • Designing a CRM

  • Clear and bright visual design

  • UX/UI development stages and public page implementation

Project Summary

For this project our task was to launch a fully functional platform for the digital ticketing service. This was an interesting task and we have successfully completed it. We improved photo optimization and introduced new animation. Our team has worked on platform restructure, so that it becomes a user-friendly interface, although integrated with many features. The work done includes the UX / UI stages with implementation public page on the Editor X platform.

Tectix provides digital solutions for the event industry. Event organizers and content creators from artists, festivals to sports clubs, all use Tectix to digitize their ticketing, maximize their revenues and sustainably interact with the community.

Our task was to launch a fully functional bilingual platform (English & German) that would engage event organizers and clients in a memorable experience.

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