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  • Website update

  • Creating effective platform for admin team

  • Creating effective teacher - student platform



Mission Complete:

  • Updated platform with clear layout, tools and information

  • New stylish design

  • Fully functional website with tools for teachers, students and admins

  • Integrated mobile version will all of the key features and tools

Project Summary

We have updated landing page of the website. Now it is much clearer to understand what the price plans are, how the differ from each other, how the learning process takes place, what games can users play, what information and materials the teacher gets. Our team has put extra attention to creating a mobile version of the platform, when kids are having their first smartphones at a very young age today.




E-learning Platform

  • Client: QTALK

  • Location: United States

  • Industry: E-learning

  • Challenge: Website Redesign




ux/ui design

This website service is a language learning program, the core of it is based on a image guessing game. This approach makes it interesting and engaging for users of any age. This approach proved to be very effective, gamification is a standard approach now for learning. In the game the icons are placed in a pattern that is grammatically correct and forms full sentences. Main target audience of this service are kids of all ages. 

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