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  • Design a modern, attractive and effective promotional website

  • Develop and launch an adaptive, light, fast, and secure website

  • Design and create interesting and complex animations based on a text description



Mission Complete:

  • Clean and fresh looking website

  • Improved UX and website structure

  • Engaging user interface with lots of animations

  • Custom animations that explain business process

Project Summary

As usual, the project started with the design. Communication was the key to this step because we went through multiple versions of the design before we picked the right one. Additionally, we worked on custom animations that should explain the benefits of using this project. We worked from text description and some examples, then we created simple frames to showcase our ideas, and finally were able to create final versions of animations.

During the development stage, we consulted the client in order to select the best technology stack so the website would be fast, secure, and could be developed within the selected time frame. 




Dental Financing Platform

  • Location: United States 

  • Industry: Dentistry & Finance

  • Challenge: Redesigning an outdated platform




ux/ui design

DentalFinance is a technology company that helps patients get the best deal and achieve financial freedom. Various dental teams use their solution to make the finance application submission process as easy as it can be.

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