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SaaS platform for AI-integrated marketplace

Full-stack development, UI/UX design, AI integration


Payblox is a pioneering fintech startup that provides a web application to match merchants with the optimal payment processor. It functions as a marketplace for processors, allowing merchants to swiftly and transparently compare options. Processors can offer informed deals to merchants based on financial data without any brand details.

Project Highlights

Industry: Fintech, B2B

Services: Full-stack development, UI/UX design, AI integration

Development team size: 10 people

Client since: July 2022

Project Goals

• Design a system from the ground up enabling interaction among 3 user roles.

• Develop and launch a web application and backend system in 4 months.

• Integrate AI capabilities and other functionalities to streamline interactions and enhance application workflows.


System design and MVP

Initially, we analyzed the client's concept and designed a comprehensive system with merchant, processor, and admin portals. We created tailored onboarding procedures, layouts for each role, and dedicated dashboards and screens featuring role-specific functionalities.

Our design phase involved UX research, the creation of user interfaces, and mapping out user flows. Within a month, the client has got a functional UI prototype for all user categories. With the design finalized, our team promptly transitioned to the development phase and delivered an MVP encompassing the agreed-upon product version.

Processor and merchant portals

The website accommodates three roles - merchant, processor, and admin - each with tailored solutions to ensure a seamless and secure experience.

  • Merchants can choose from a variety of offers, compare options, and make informed decisions that suit best their business needs.

  • Payment processors are equipped with tools to access leads, create offers, and utilize offer templates, streamlining their interactions with merchants and optimizing their workflow.

  • Administrators are provided with managing and editing capabilities.


PayBlox uses AI to examine various datasets, including merchant metrics, industry-specific needs, and payment processor capabilities. This data-driven method ensures customized matches for each business owner.

The AI feature condenses information from merchants' websites into an organized summary for a payment processor. We have integrated PayBlox with an AI service and fine-tuned the model to analyze website data, filter sensitive content, and highlight key insights for comprehensive reports for payment processors.


We enhanced the platform with integrations that boost efficiency and user satisfaction.

  • Automated email notifications allow timely communication, keeping merchants and processors informed about new offers and leads.

  • CRM system helps to work with customer data and address support inquiries.

  • Digital signature integration helps merchants and processors create, sign, download, and manage agreements.

  • The admin portal empowers administrators to manage and optimize the entire system efficiently.

  • Tools that generate offers, allow using templates, and automate processes help payment processors boost their business efficiency.


Our collaboration with PayBlox exemplifies our commitment to transforming innovative concepts into accessible platforms through design thinking and swift development.

We've brought PayBlox's vision to reality by launching a web app and backend system within 4 months. Now, we're working on enhancing PayBlox.

Working with retail and e-commerce businesses, the PayBlox team has already provided services to 15,000+ merchants in building their payment systems. It's a secure and productive space where merchants and payment processors can work together openly.

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